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we're markit, your marketing department - an entire team of strategic thinkers, expert planners, creative designers and serious implementors.

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markit guided us through a complete rebrand and it was a huge success. everything from the logo to the materials to the website turned out great! jennifer george - door engineering
our process at markit

our process

We're looking for a partnership, not a vendor/client relationship. We work alongside you, as a department of your organization. Your goals are our goals and we exist to provide real business solutions to your company.

We work closely with our clients, getting to know their ins and outs. We help you define your goals and establish a marketing vision to reach those goals. Next, we determine a strategy to execute the vision and create messages, identify mediums, develop appropriate collateral for execution, and track our results.

  • our process at markit
    assess fit

    We work closely with our clients to achieve amazing results. we'll get to know you, and you'll get to know us. It's important we get along, so your business can get ahead.

    let's get some results for your company.
  • our process at markit
    identify & clarify client needs

    What you want and what you need might not be the same thing. We'll help you establish a foundation to move your business from good to great.

    i need that! sign me up.
  • our process at markit
    tour markit, sign, select main contact

    Meet the entire team, assess how well we understand you and your needs, select your main contact at markit and we can hit the ground running.

    tour, sign, select. i'm yours.
  • our process at markit
    marketing plan, strategy & tactics

    Let's establish your company's destination - where you want to be in five years - and develop the map to get you there.

    i need strategy & tactics!
  • our process at markit

    We sweat the small stuff - so you don't have to. We'll deploy the messaging, tactics, and processes that support your strategic plan.

    i'm terrible at implementation. help me!
  • our process at markit
    tracking & reporting results

    You don't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. We track and report, making adjustments to keep you moving forward.

    there's results to track? show me!
a true partnership is a rare thing to come by when working with other companies. markit has always given me the impression that they really view us as a partner and strive to give you that in-house marketing feel. their counseling and out-of-the-box ideas have helped to boost our image and portray to our customers a clearer vision of the supplier we will be for them. over the years this group has always gone above and beyond to learn not only about our company, but also the market we serve. they do a great job of bringing on talent that is knowledgeable, creative, passionate, and ambitious. i sincerely look at them as coworkers and feel they are an invaluable asset to our company! shelly topness - valley design

a little about us.

We don't work with every business. It's not always a good fit. We are here to make a difference and help you achieve measurable results. Marketing is about more than just promotion and making things pretty. Our design rivals with the best; it's our planning and review of your entire business that make the difference.

If you're looking to reach higher profitability, launch a new product, make waves with a new market, expand on your growth, increase top line sales, open a new location/warehouse/facility, we will help you from planning to implementation. We address all 4 'P's' in marketing (product, price, place, and promotion) in an effort to help your business reach its revenue and related goals.

We've developed a vow which we commit to you. We call it our mantra:

to provide brilliant, in-depth marketing solutions, moving you from good to great in a creative, fun, energetic atmosphere.

                        	markit can increase your revenue!

strategy drives our design.

We don't sell marketing services: we get results.

We work closely with select clients to become an integrated member of the team, measuring our success on our clients' success.

                            expersise to the table

we bring expertise to the table.

And our clients bring theirs. We offer objective, skilled opinions and focus on achieving results.

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees - we fill the gaps to allow our clients to work on their business, not just in their business.

                        	reaching your goals every day

strategic implementation.

From strategic and marketing plans to day-to-day implementation, we work with you to establish a solid foundation to reach your goals.

Oh, and we will reach those goals.

results are everything to us. let's check some out.

the people

At the end of the day, every business is a collection of people. At markit, we have an exceptional group of individuals with a vast and diverse set of skills that help us push each other, and our clients, to ever greater heights. Meet the markit team:

where are your strengths?
here are ours. hover pics for specs.
  • markit strengthsexecuting
  • markit strengthsinfluencing
  • markit strengthsrelationship
  • markit strengthsstrategic thinking
  • Nickie Froiland, Owner
    • activator
    • command
    • competition
    • futuristic
    • strategic
  • Adam Hirsch, Research, Ideation, Strategy
    • ideation
    • intellection
    • learner
    • restorative
    • strategic
adam hirsch
research / ideation / strategy

507 424 2816 (d)
612 756 3433 (c)
  • Eric Froiland, Ideation, Strategy
    • command
    • deliberative
    • ideation
    • self assurance
    • strategic
eric froiland
ideation / strategy

507 424 2807 (d)
507 951 0879 (c)
  • Beth Timm, Client Relationships, Implementation
    • adaptability
    • developer
    • empathy
    • includer
    • responsibility
beth timm
client relationships / implementation 507 424 2814 (d)
507 269 3392 (c)
  • Daniel Hicks, Communications, Implementation
    • developer
    • achiever
    • strategic
    • intellection
    • futuristic
daniel hicks
communications / implementation 507 424 2802 (d)
612 227 8440 (c)
  • Skipp Boyenga, Interactive Design
    • adaptability
    • belief
    • empathy
    • maximizer
    • relator
skipp boyenga
visual direction /
interactive design
507 424 2806 (d)
507 951 9423 (c)
  • Allison Korsten, Communications, Design
    • adaptability
    • empathy
    • futuristic
    • intellection
    • restorative
allison korsten
print communications /
design / QA
507 424 2805 (d)
507 250 5955 (c)
  • Jake Goodew, Visual Concepts, Communications
    • achiever
    • futuristic
    • ideation
    • learner
    • strategic
jake goodew
strategy / visual communications 507 424 2809 (d)
612 408 7497 (c)
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there is an "x" factor that i learned a long time ago to recognize and appreciate in people and i feel compelled to share with you that i feel you have "it." i continue to be extremely impressed with all of you in your firm and the insight and what i would term "thought leadership" you are coaching us on. very intriguing and interesting to me! we appreciated your candor in the competitor analysis & i love your idea of creating a new category. randy ehleringer - ehleringer, douglas, stolz & associates

the results.

At markit one size does not fit all - we tailor our strategies and tactics to our clients' needs, helping them achieve the desired results. Here are some examples of work we are proud to showcase. Do you think we could help your business? Get in touch with us, we'd love to chat.

like what you see? contact us.
markit. your marketing dept.
markit. your marketing dept.
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visual communications & design

markit is hiring a Visual Communications and Design professional. The ideal candidate has a marketing mindset, incredible attention to detail, the ability to work in a collaborative environment, and is enthusiastic about new opportunities and challenges.

web design intern

markit is looking for an website intern. Must have knowledge of html/css, as well as excellent knowledge of Adobe CS. Interns will be able to help within other areas of the department, as needed. To clarify - this internship is unpaid. 2nd-year students only.