changing how
the game is played.
providing solutions while delivering superior products.

Rochester Meat Company, a division of Branding Iron Holdings, is an innovator in meat processing and their flash-frozen technology affords them the ability to provide a frozen product that maintains fresh flavor, structure, and integrity without getting water-logged. They provide products to local pubs, chain restaurants, hospitality, hospitals, and wholesalers throughout the nation.

new approach

modernizing sales tools

For years, sales people have reached for 'sell sheets'. The sales person grabs the 'sell sheet' pertaining the product they want to sell and then gives it to the customer. We brought expertise to modernize these sheets and change the approach. Instead of a 'sell sheet' which talks about the product, we created POS (point of sale) sheets which talk about how the customer can complement their menu using these products. The medium is the same and the size is even similar; the language and approach is different.

Customers are responding and really enjoying the new approach as it offers them more guidance and consultation than they get anywhere else.

creative. innovative. progressive. these are just a few of the traits that summarizes our relationship with the team at markit. nickie and her team have helped us to not simply "expand our box" but truly re-invent the size and shape of our opportunities. working hand-in-hand with our team, Markit created marketing strategies which have enhanced our brand positioning, expanded our sales base, strengthened our customer relationships and added incremental dollars to our bottom line.

for those companies looking for an aggressive partner to drive results - markit is your marketing department.

mike riley - vp of sales & marketing
message matters

solving not selling

No matter how you look at it, selling is solving problems. When it isn't, it's pushy, aggressive, and annoying. No company wants to be seen as pushy. Rochester Meat Company decided to make a significant change in how they sell. They hired us to help them develop messaging which positioned them more as a consultant and problem solver.

As a result, their tools have changed, how they talk about themselves has changed, their training has changed, and best of all, their relationships with their customers has intensified.

markit gives you an identity


What Rochester Meat Company does isn't 'who' they are. markit has helped Rochester Meat Company to define itself as being in the business of helping operators enhance their menus to increase profitability and get return customers.

This has helped Rochester Meat Company focus on helping the operator.

markit can give you sales impact

sales impact

A big part of Rochester Meat Company's business is being at trade shows. Having materials that can travel with you, stay in good shape, and get you noticed is a challenge.

markit has solved this problem by creating a 'trade show in a box' for Rochester Meat Company.

markit can help you create demand

create demand

Together, Rochester Meat Company and markit were able to identify that the best sales strategy is to pull demand though the channel by going directly to operators.

This strategy has the operators asking for Rochester Meat Company by name.