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For many men, buying jewelry is an intimidating and stressful process. Not only do they have to worry about finding something their loved one will enjoy wearing every day, they have to consider a budget, timeline, ring size, possible sales, type of material, gem and diamond color, shape, and quality.

To avoid the stress of jewelry shopping, take a different approach and stop by Designing Jewelers. Here’s what you can expect:

A Relationship with your Jeweler

Your purchase should be a reflection of you or your loved one, and it should tell a story of your relationship. This is exactly where we will start our relationship. Jewelry buying is a big decision, so let’s slow down and take some time to get to know each other.

Help Identifying the Right Style for the Right Occasion

From current jewelry and style of dress to your loved one's profession, there is a lot that goes into identifying the right style of jewelry.

We will help you find the perfect option by talking through all the details you need to know to feel confident in your decision. You can choose something from our extensive in-store collection or we can help you design a piece exactly for you.

An Education

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Understanding the details of a brilliant diamond or precious gem will not only help you create the perfect piece, it will help guarantee you find the best option for your budget.

We suggest that every diamond buyer take some time to talk to us about clarity, cut, color, and carat, as well as how the four affect the quality of a diamond. We can also walk you through the differences between our colored stones to help you understand their quality and pricing.

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