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Designing Jewelers offers an extensive range of services to ensure your jewelry and watches work correctly and fit your exact needs. Each piece is given the time and attention it needs to become an item you can wear with pride.

Whether you are looking for a customized piece, restoring an old item to its former glory, or simply needing a simple repair or appraisal, Designing Jewelers can fulfill your request. Stop in and meet our team – we would love to get to know you and help with anything you need.

Custom Jewelry Design

At Designing Jewelers, we work with you to ensure your ideas and dreams are brought to life in custom designs tailored exactly for you. However you have captured your ideas, from a sketch on the back of a napkin to pictures of elements you like, the Designing Jewelers team can make it a reality.

One tool we utilize is Computer Aided Design (CAD). CAD allows you to see the piece as it moves through the process to help guide us in making it exactly what you want.

Jewelry Repurposing

Designing Jewelers can help in a number of ways. Your jewelry may simply need to be refurbished, which could include replacing shanks, re-tipping prongs, replacing stones, or reshaping a piece.

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Our professionally trained staff provides jewelry appraisals for your insurance company, estate and will planning, or personal needs.

Estate Jewelry Restoration

Estate jewelry are often the most sentimental pieces we see come through our doors.

Designing Jewelers utilizes a number of services to refurbish a treasured piece to its former glory, which could include replacing shanks, re-tipping prongs, replacing stones, or reshaping a piece. If your piece is beyond repair, we will have an honest conversation about what can be done and offer other solutions. Perhaps the elements of the piece that are beyond repair can be repurposed in a new, custom design.

Complementary Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

Regular cleaning and inspections can potentially prevent issues such as loss of a stone or detection of a break in the shank. Some simple preventative measures and maintenance can even help eliminate more costly repairs in the future. We want your jewelry to shine, so this service is always complimentary for our customers.

It is inevitable that a piece of jewelry worn every day—especially a ring—will show signs of wear over time, which is why we recommend having your jewelry cleaned and checked every six months.

Watch Repair

We want you to get the best performance out of your watch or pocket watch. At Designing Jewelers, we have the capability of servicing and repairing most major watch brands. We can replace the battery in almost any watch brand while you wait.

The crystals on timepieces are prone to scratches through wear, but we can buff out the scratch or replace with a new crystal if needed. We can also replace the band on your watch to make it seem like new again.

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